Congratulations on your decision!! This is a wonderful, and life-long partnership that you will find truly rewarding.

First, we do ask that you complete the adoption form, which we have included in PDF for your convenience below.
Click here to download an Adoption Application form 
Click here to download an Adoption contract
This form assists us to learn more about you.Just like humans, they all have different personalities; likes and dislikes.
By learning more about you, we can also help guide you in picking a cat/s for adoption. 
1) When we have received your application, we will let you know we are in the process of reviewing it.  Once you  are   approved, we will move forward to step 2. If we have questions and/or concerns we will contact you to obtain further clarification and information.
2) This step involves meeting the rescue cat/s.  If you already  have a cat or dog of your own, we may have you schedule a  separate meet and greet with your pets to see if it is a good match. One of the volunteers will be present to meet you, and assist and answer any questions that you may have. 
3) This step involves one of our volunteers performing a home visit to check the home for any safety concerns,
4) This is the best part! This is where you sign the adoption contract, and take your new family member home to the fur-ever home!

Trial Adoption Period

Last Chance of Hope have implemented a "Trial Adoption policy"  which means that if you decide to adopt the animal there will be a two week period where Last Chance of Hope will still be the legal owners.


Please be aware that the Trial Adoption process is not a "try before you adopt" program.

It is highly stressful for our animals to be moved around and must be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary.

For the first 72 hours the cat/s will most likely be frightened, hide and will probably not be interested in food. It does not happen overnight. 

Please remember it takes:


3 days for them to decompress 

They will be feeling overwhelmed, scared and unsure of what is going on.

They will not yet feel comfortable being themselves. 

They may not want to eat or drink

They may shut down and/or hide under furniture.

3 weeks to learn your routine

They start settling in and feeling more comfortable 

Figures out the environment and gets into a routine

Lets his/her guard down beginning to shown their true personality

3 months

They finally feels completely comfortable in the home

Begins to trust and form a true bond

Gains a complete sense of security with their new family

Sets into a routine

Please have patience and allow your pet time to settle in. 

It is extremely important to make sure all doors & windows remain secure as they will try and escape being in a new environment. 


For cats & kittens available for adoption please click the 'adopt don't shop' button below to be re-directed to petrescue where all our animals available for adoption are listed.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 8.10.40 pm.png

Forever Pet 


            I am NOT an UNTIL YOU HAVE A BABY PET


            I am NOT an UNTIL YOU HAVE TO MOVE PET

            I am NOT an UNTIL YOU HAVE NO TIME PET

            I am NOT an UNTIL I GET OLD PET


If you can't give me FOREVER then I am NOT YOUR PET! It is really that simple.

©2020 copyright by Last Chance of Hope Animal Rescue

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