Unfortunately we are not always in a position to take on pets that need to be rehomed.

The things you can do to rehome your pet responsibly include 

- Microchipping your pet  This is extremely important as if they end up lost or in the pound you will not be able to be notified. Microchips are the way animals can make their way home to their rightful owner.

- Desexing your pet This ensures your pet is not going to be used to breed or a stud dog constantly for people to make money off. 

Vaccinations Vaccinations ensure your pet remains safe from a range of infectious diseases such as Parvo, kennel cough etc. Vaccinations prevent the disease being passed from one animal to another and are vital to all pets based on the risk and severity of the disease. 

To make sure your pet is going to a good home please follow the steps

1. Contact ethical rescues and breed specific rescues. Ask the rescue their rehoming policy - do they do home checks ? if the animals Vetwork isn't done will they do the necessary Vetwork before rehoming the pet? where will the pet be living until a forever home is found? will the rescue allow you to accompany the pet to where they will be staying until a home is found ? If no this is a big RED flag. 

2. Does the animal match the enquirers lifestyle ? i.e. is the pet a border collie and need at least 2 hours of exercise and constant stimulation in the day. Questions to ask for this would be - are they an active household? is their yard big enough for a working dog? are they able to provide stimulation that a working dog needs to prevent them becoming bored and destructive ?

3. Does the enquirer already have pets ? if so how many ? are the current pets desexed? are their vaccinations up to date?

Why are they looking at rehoming another pet?

4. Are they Australian citizens ? Are they permanent residents of Australia ? if they are residents will they be staying in Australia - for how long ? Remember a cat and dog can live up to 18 years of age. 

5. What reason would force them to give a pet up? have they ever had to surrender or rehome a pet before?

6.Have they had pets before ? if so what type of pet? what age did they die? how old were they when they died?

7. have you visited the home your pet would be living? People can sound amazing on paper and on the phone but in the real world have a different lifestyle to what has been portrayed. Is the home safe? Does the address they say the pet will be living at match their address on their license. 

8. Do they own or rent their home ? if they rent do they have permission to have a pet at their residing address? 


Forever Pet 


            I am NOT an UNTIL YOU HAVE A BABY PET


            I am NOT an UNTIL YOU HAVE TO MOVE PET

            I am NOT an UNTIL YOU HAVE NO TIME PET

            I am NOT an UNTIL I GET OLD PET


If you can't give me FOREVER then I am NOT YOUR PET! It is really that simple.

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